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Powder Coating Plant

Intech Powder Coating Plant stands as a hallmark of advanced technology and precision in the realm of surface finishing. Known for its innovative solutions, Intech offers a comprehensive range of powder coating plants designed to meet the highest industry standards. These plants incorporate cutting-edge features and technology, ensuring a flawless and durable finish for a diverse array of materials. With a commitment to customization and efficiency, Intech Powder Coating Plant emerges as a trusted choice for industries seeking top-tier quality and reliability in their surface coating processes.

Powder Coating plants for Automotive Components

Powder Coating Plants for Machine Tool and Fabrication Units

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Powder Coating Plant for Aluminum Section

Turnkey solution in Powder Coating

Automatic Powder Coating Solution for Bus bar | Intech Surface Coating

Electrostatic Powder Coating | Intech Surface Coating

Powder Coating Plant for Fan Components

Powder Coating Plant Supplied to Sudhir Genset by Intech

Powder Coating Plant for Dish Antenna by Intech

Powder coating Plant by Intech supplied to Greece

Liquid Painting Plant

Intech Liquid Painting Plant represents a pinnacle of excellence in the field of surface coating. Renowned for its state-of-the-art technology and meticulous craftsmanship, Intech offers a versatile range of liquid painting plants designed to elevate surface finishing standards. These plants boast innovative features and advanced application methods, ensuring a high-quality and resilient finish for various materials. Committed to customization and operational efficiency, Intech Liquid Painting Plant stands as a reliable solution for industries seeking top-notch quality and dependability in their liquid painting processes.

Intech Shock Absorber Final

Liquid Painting Booth

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Liquid Painting Plants with Maximizing Efficiency

Dip Pre-treatment Plant

The Dip Pre-treatment Plant by Intech finishing signifies a crucial step in surface finishing processes. Intech is specializing in providing an effective solution for material preparation before coating, this plant employs a comprehensive dip pre-treatment approach. By immersing materials in carefully formulated chemical solutions, the plant ensures thorough cleaning, degreasing, and surface conditioning, creating an ideal substrate for subsequent coating applications. Known for its efficiency and precision, the Dip Pre-treatment Plant is vital in enhancing adhesion, corrosion resistance, and the overall durability of coatings, making it an indispensable component in achieving high-quality surface finishes.

Pretreatment in Your Surface Coating Process

Automated transporter

PLC Controlled Transpoterised Pretreatment line

Pretreatment in Your Coating Process