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Spray type pretreatment for surface coating processes

Getting things ready before coating is super important. Pretreatment makes sure the surface is clean and ready, helping the coating stick better. This not only makes the final product tougher and more resistant to rust but also makes it last longer and better in quality overall.

In the Spray Pretreatment process, a tunnel has spray zones arranged in a sequence based on a set chemical plan. The tunnel sits atop chemical tanks, pumping chemicals to the spray zones, where nozzles apply them to articles. To prevent chemical carryover, each process zone is followed by a drain zone. Funnel systems in each tunnel zone collect the sprayed chemicals back into the tanks.

Intech, a leading manufacturer of spray type pretreatment units, our Spray type pretreatment plants are installed across some of the leading OEMs in India.


Easy to maintain and clean

Cost-effective and optimum utilization of chemicals

Ideal for bulky and large components

Suitable for batch-type processing

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