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Efficient and Reliable Solution Transporter for Pre-treatment processes

Automating material handling boosts efficiency in large-scale production. The transporter is a key player, moving articles across a wide area and dipping them in various tanks for set periods. With its versatile movement, the transporter is perfect for large articles, ensuring consistent pre-treatment and production output.

Our transporters are engineered to optimize the pretreatment workflow, ensuring seamless movement of materials throughout the process. Whether you require transporters for surface cleaning, degreasing, phosphating, or any other pretreatment stage, we have the solution for you.


Guaranteed consistency.

Cuts cost leading to increase in profits.

Monitoring at every stage possible.

Complete record of process available.

Remote supervision.

Weight carrying capacity 500Kg-3 tone

DC injection braking

Fail safe brakes.

Key Features

  • Single slide flange type cast iron load wheels for smooth & correct guided movement.
  • Ideal for low rotational speed and mild shock loads.
  • Guide rollers used for smooth vibration free and tilt-free lifting of the basket
  • All idler wheels are fitted with shielded bearings lubricated for life.
  • Polyester sling belts for lifting operations instead of chain which imparts
    • Smoothness to the operation apart from maintenance-free operation
    • Exhibit long life
    • No elongation
    • No requirement of pulleys/sprockets
    • No requirement of routine oiling which may cause damage to the chemicals if not carefully implemented.

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