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Ovens for Surface Coating Requirements

Intech stands at the forefront as a leading manufacturer of ovens, showcasing excellence in design and functionality. These ovens are specially designed for surface coating requirements, build for continuous operation delivering top-notch quality. Intech manufactures three types of ovens Ground mounted, Camel back and Diamond loop.

Ovens play a crucial role in baking powder/paint layers onto article surfaces. Convection heating, using either electrical, HSD, LPG, IR heaters, or a thermic fluid system, circulates hot air over the articles for curing. Blowers draw cooled air over heat exchangers or electrical heaters, and the heated air is directed into the oven through air-directional blinds, making these ovens versatile for both conveyorized and batch operations.


Quick heating and lower losses through air-tight housing.

Performance testing and assurance prior to dispatch.

Uniform air circulation through the unique adjustable air direction blinds.

Low RPM blower used for smooth and noiseless operation.

Structure made out of channeled framework from inside for better strength and rigidity.

Simple and fast assembly with unique cassette section design

Ground Mounted Oven

Ground-mounted ovens are designed to provide efficient baking and curing processes while being conveniently situated on the floor. These ovens offer a stable and accessible setup for various industrial applications, ensuring ease of operation and optimal performance in treating a range of materials.
Ground Mounted Oven

Camel Back Oven

Camelback ovens feature a distinctive design resembling a camel’s hump, optimizing heat distribution for uniform curing and baking. With their unique shape, these ovens are renowned for efficient airflow and consistent temperature control, making them a preferred choice in industrial settings for achieving high-quality finishes on diverse materials.
Camel Back Oven

Diamond Loop Oven

Diamond loop ovens are engineered with a looping configuration that enhances heat transfer efficiency, ensuring uniform curing and baking processes. This innovative design promotes consistent airflow, making these ovens highly effective for precision in industrial applications. Diamond loop ovens stand out for their reliability and capability to deliver superior results across various materials.