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Dip type pretreatment for surface coating processes

Pretreatment in surface coating is crucial as it provides a clean and properly prepared substrate, ensuring better adhesion of the coating. It enhances the durability and corrosion resistance of the finished product, contributing to its overall quality and longevity. Intech produces cutting-edge multistage pre-treatment systems ideal for both batch and continuous operations. These systems thoroughly clean all metal parts, ensuring superior corrosion protection for processed materials.

In the Dip Pretreatment process, tanks are sequentially arranged to align with the chemical process design. Articles, suspended on load bars or placed in cages/baskets, move between tanks using an overhead hoist system with manual controls or Transporters with manual/automatic controls. The timed immersion in each tank adheres to the designed chemical process. Alternatively, overhead chain conveyors are employed for dipping large-sized, low-volume articles.


Compatible and resistant to chemicals

Automation options using transporters or overhead conveyors

Can be operated in continuous or batch type processing

Made from carbon Steel, SS, composite materials