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Powder Coating Plant for Aluminium Section

Empowering Aluminum Section Manufacturers: Powder Coating Solutions from Intech

Powder coating plant for aluminum sections presents a list of challenges. From intricate surface preparations to dealing with complex geometries and ensuring uniform adhesion and film thickness—each step requires precision. Intech Surface Coating has been leading solution provider in powder coating processes for aluminum section manufacturers, providing tailored solutions that address these challenges seamlessly.

Surface Preparation

The foundation of any successful powder coating process lies in surface preparation. Pretreatment is key to getting right finish output. Intech recognizes the significance of this step and offers state-of-the-art pretreatment plants may it be dip type or spray type. These plants are meticulously designed to eliminate contaminants like oil, grease, and oxidation, ensuring a flawless preparation of the surface.

Complex Geometries

Aluminum sections, with their diverse applications like doors, windows, and panels, often boast intricate designs and complex geometries. Intech’s electrostatic powder coating not only guarantees a uniform coating for such profiles but also ensures consistency in coating thickness.

Adhesion and Film Thickness

Maintaining uniform film thickness and achieving proper adhesion is one real challenge in powder coating processes in India. Intech with its tested and proven powder applicators, ensures the right thickness and superior adhesion.

Faster Output

Large-scale powder coating requires speed and efficiency. At Intech, we understand the need for faster and automated coating processes, coupled with ergonomic material handling. With our electrostatic powder coating processes, automated reciprocators, and overhead conveyors we develop turnkey plants that meet the demands of high-volume production.

Custom Design

Every process and facility requires a plant that is designed as per your process, space availability and component…. One size doesn’t fit all. We at Intech, we ensure every solution that we design is perfectly aligned with your unique process, available space, and specific components.
Choosing the right partner in a Powder coating plant can make a real difference. Intech Surface Coating is not just a manufacturer; we develop solutions designed to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your powder coating processes. Trust Intech to be your ally in achieving excellence in every finish.