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Automation in material handling is a efficiency booster for large scale production. Transporter is once such material transfer equipment, which transfers articles across a large span, while simultaneously following an article dipping pattern into numerous tanks for pre-determined time period. With movement across multiple axis, the transporter is a definite choice for large articles demanding consistency in pre-treatment and production output.

No chance of error.

  • Guaranteed consistency.
  • Cuts cost leading to increase in profits.
  • Monitoring at every stage possible.
  • Complete record of process available.
  • Remote supervision.

Highlights of Intech's transporters –

  • Single slide flange type cast iron load wheels, being used for ensuring smooth & correct guided movement. Suitable for low rotational speed and mild shock loads.
  • Guide rollers used for smooth vibration free and tilt free lifting of basket
  • All idler wheels are fitted with shielded bearing lubricated for life.
  • Polyester sling belts for lifting operations instead of chain which imparts
    • Smoothness to the operation apart from maintenance free operation
    • Exhibit long life
    • No elongation
    • No requirement of pulleys / sprockets
    • No requirement of routine oiling which may cause damage to the chemicals if not carefully implemented.
  • Weight carrying capacity 500Kg-3 ton
  • Multiple loading /unloading pattern to maximum production.
  • Programmable Logic Controller and user friendly Human Machine Interface
  • Accurate stoppage
  • Smooth changes in speed, acceleration and deceleration
  • DC injection braking
  • Fail safe brakes.