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Ground Mounted Oven / Camel Back Oven

Ovens are used for firmly baking the layer of powder/paint onto the article surface. Convection heating is used for curing of the powder / paint film. Hot air is blown over the articles thereby heating the articles. Circulation air blowers draw the cooled air over the heat exchanger or bank of electrical heaters. The heated air is passed into the hot air ducts and let out into the oven through the air directional blinds.

The ovens supplied are suitable for conveyorised / batch operations using Electrical / HSD / LPG / IR Heaters / Thermic Fluid heating System

Salient features of Intech's Oven

  • Quick heating and lower losses through air-tight housing.
  • Performance testing and assurance prior to dispatch.
  • Uniform air circulation through the unique adjustable air direction blinds.
  • Low RPM blower used for smooth and noiseless operation.
  • Structure made out of channeled frame work from inside for better strength and rigidity.
  • Simple and fast assembly with unique cassette section design