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A venture initiated in 1973, Intech has blossomed into a group of companies dealing in all the different elements of total surface coating plants viz: Powder / Liquid coating manual / automatic applicators, Booths, Pre-treatment plant, Conveyors, Ovens, Vertical storage carousels, Retrieval systems etc.


  • First to introduce Powder Coating Technology in India
  • First to introduce Electro-Static Painting in India.
  • First to introduce Power and Free Conveyor in India.
  • The only company that provides end-to-end solution for surface coating.
  • Introduced application of direct fired burners for oven used in paint shop applications to overcome limitations of thermic fluid burners

  • Introduced ductless booth design to overcome production loss due to cleaning time

  • Introduced weldless tunnels in pre-treatment systems to overcome chemical loss/leakage during pre-treatment spraying

  • Introduced powder recovery system with 98.5% recovery efficiency

Testimonies to Intech's innovation are the more than a dozen Indian patents in addition to patents in Taiwan, Europe & the U.S.A.

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